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Somali wild ass

Somali wild ass

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Scientific Name:

Equus africanus somaliensis


Somalia, Ethiopia, Eritrea


Herbivore. Grasses and herbs.


Habitat: Stony deserts and arid areas

Dimensions: 2,05m max, height 1,25m max

Weight: 280kg max

Gestation: 12 months, 1 young

Lifespan: 25-30

Social structure: solitary or in mixed, bachelor or female groups.

Estimated population in the wild: 23-200

IUCN Status: Critically Endangered

Threats: Hunting for food and traditional medicine, interbreeding with domestic donkey, ongoing civil wars.

Did you know that:

  1. It is the ancestor of the domestic donkey.
  2. Their loud voices can be heard at a distance of over 3km.
  3. Each individual has a unique stripe pattern on its legs.

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