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Toco Toucan

Toco Toucan

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Scientific Name:

Rampastos toco


South America: Argentina, Bolivia, Brazil, French Guiana, Guyana, Paraguay, Peru, Suriname


Omnivore. Fruits, insects (such as caterpillars and termites), nestling birds and eggs.


Habitat: The only non-forest toucan. Riverine and coastal edges of forest, savannas, plantations.


Incubation: 17-18 days / 2-4 eggs


Social structure: flocks of ~6 members


Weight: 860g

Dimensions: 55-61cm

Estimated population in the wild: Fairly common

Lifespan: 20-26

Threats: Hunting pressure and taking of young as pets

IUCN Status: Least concern

Did you know that:

In their native region, toucans are associated with evil spirits and are thought to be the incarnation of a demon. In certain religions of S and C America, the father of a new child must not eat toucan meat as it might bewitch the newborn and cause it to fade away. The toucan can also be a tribal totem and the medicine man can use it as an incarnation to fly to the spirit world.

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