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Leopard tortoise

Leopard tortoise

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Scientific Name:

Stigmochelys pardalis babcocki


Central NΕ to Southern Africa


Φυτοφάγο. Διάφορα είδη βλάστησης και φρούτα, με προτίμηση στα παχύφυτα και τα ώριμα φρούτα.


Habitat: Shrublands, savannahs


Incubation: 5-30 eggs, incubation 8-18 months


Social structure: Solitary


Weight: max 54kg


Dimensions: max 70cm


Lifespan: 100 years


IUCN Status: Not Evaluated


Estimated population in the wild: Unknown


Threats: Hunting for their meat, for the pet trade and for use in traditional medicine. 


Did you know that:

Female digs a hole of 20 to 30cm depth in which she lays her eggs and then she leaves. Hatchlings are immediately independent upon emerging.

They will usually float in water if their habitat is inundated by floods.

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