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African spoonbill

African spoonbill

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Scientific Name:

Platalea alba


Senegal to Ethiopia, down to SE Africa and Madagascar.


Carnivore. Small fish, aquatic invertebrates, frogs.


Habitat: Lakes, marshes and other shallow waters.

Incubation: 25-29 days / 2-3 eggs

Social structure: 1-30 birds, during breeding period 5 -250 pairs.

Weight: 1790gr

Dimensions: 91cm

Lifespan: 17 max under human care

Estimated population in the wild: 7,300-73,000

Threats: drainage of wetlands, destruction of breeding colonies.

IUCN Status: Least concern

Did you know that:
Their unique "spoon shaped" beak is used to locate prey in water with low visibility. They open their bill in the water and sweep it back and forth, snapping at any prey that comes into contact with.

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