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Yellow Collared Lovebird

Yellow Collared Lovebird

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Scientific Name:

Agapornis personatus


North and Center Tanzania.


Seeds of grasses and millet.


Habitat: well-wooded bushland

Incubation:  23 days, eggs 3–8

Social structure: highly social. Flocks of 4-5 birds, sometimes up to 100.

Weight:  50gr

Dimensions:  15 cm

Lifespan:  wild unknown,  under human care 10-20.

Estimated population in the wild:  fairly common

Threats:  There are no major threats to this species

IUCN Status: Least concern

Did you know that:

  1. The name "lovebirds" derives from their habit to preen and groom each other, especially their mates.
  2. Pairs are bonded though out their lives.
  3. They have a thick, fleshy tongue that allows them to change the sound of their voices and articulate different sounds even human voices.

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