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MPO Pelargos

PELARGOS - Together We Protect Greek Wildlife


The mission of “Pelargos”, the Non Profit Organisation instituted by Attica Zoological Park, is the protection and conservation of Greek biodiversity. At the same time, it is also involved in educating our visitors and making them aware of issues faced by Greek wildlife and how they can be resolved. Through Pelargos, part of AZP’s revenues goes towards funding some of the most important organisations involved in the protection of Greek wildlife.

Programme for the Pylos Chamaeleon

The Greek Herpetological Society, in cooperation with “Pelargos”, are implementing a conservation and breeding program in controlled conditions for the critically endangered Greek Chameleon species Chamaeleo Αfricanus, which is found only in Pylos, in the Peloponnese and nowhere else in Europe. The program aims to create a safety population of the species, in order to prevent its extinction.


The program is an initiative of Attica Zoological Park and started in March 2014 in off-exhibit areas of our Park.


MOm - First Aid Station for the Mediterranean Monk Seal

MOm’s First Aid Station in Athens was created and fully equipped on the premises of Attica Zoological Park, with the full financial support of “Pelargos”. Seals, mostly young ones, which are lost from their mothers due to weather conditions, can be nursed back to health in this Station, for reintroduction in the National Marine Park of the Sporades.



April 2015. After 5 months of being cared in MOm’s First Aid station, Andriana was released into the wild.


November 2016.  Little Bill who eas rehabilitated for a period of 4 months in the new Mom Rehabilitation Station in our Park, was released into the National Park of Alonnisos.  Watch the video here.


ANIMA – Association for the Protection and Welfare of Wildlife

“Pelargos” cooperates with ANIMA for the care and release back into the wild of injured animals. Attica Zoological Park provides ANIMA, within its premises, with suitable care conditions, veterinary monitoring and care, as well as specialized dietary needs and financial support. Furthermore, whenever requested, we provide the necessary equipment for digital monitoring of animals after their release.




November 2014. After 5 weeks of rehabilitation in our premises, a jackal’s release in the protected area of the Moustou wetland.


June 2014. Ringing of Griffon vultures, whick were cared for in our Park, are being prepared for release into the wild.


ARCHELON: Procurement of the dietary needs of Caretta caretta sea turtles, which are rehabilitated in the First Aid Station of Archelon in Glyfada, Attica.


Bird Ringing

Volunteer participation and help in bird ringing of migratory birds around Greece, under the supervision of specialized members of the Hellenic Ornithological Society.


May 2015. Bird ringing in Lesvos. 



Animal Rescues and other actions Whenever necessary or requested, our specialized personnel offers their knowhow and help all over Greece.