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7 new reasons why you should visit our Zoo!

Since June 2010 when the Dolphinarium at the Attica Zoological Park opened its doors to the public, thousands of marine mammal lovers, young and old, have come to admire Kalia, Jason, Chloe and Hermes, our dolphins who came in March from the National Marine Museum of Lithuania, as well as Mara and Charlie, the sea lions from the Zoological Park Mundomar in Spain.

Now the Attica Zoological Park is happy to announce the arrival of seven more dolphins that joined our group of dolphins three weeks ago. They are Bottlenose dolphins (tursiops truncatus), in other words the common species of the larger dolphins. They too came from the National Marine Museum of Lithuania, after an emergency request to house them for the next seven months, in order for the Museum to renovate their aging facilities. Their inability to find a suitable place to house these seven dolphins, coupled with their recognition of our excellent and fully modernised conditions at the Attica Park Dolphinarium, led us to this temporary solution, which has brought joy not only to us, but our dolphins as well, since they were reunited with their old friends in the pod.

So now, for the first time and only for the next few months, our audience will have the opportunity to closely watch not only four dolphins, but eleven most beautiful and intelligent marine mammals.

More specifically, the new arrivals are Argus, the leader of the pack and the older in age, 28 yr old Gloria with her 16 month old female calf Smilte, 25 yr old Premia with her 13 month old male calf Baltis (the youngest of the Dolphinarium residents), as well as 13 yr old Gabia together with her 2 yr old female calf Perla, who is also the most playful of the lot!

Their presence at our Dolphinarium for the next seven months gives all marine mammal lovers an unexpected opportunity to enjoy unique close encounters with a large pod of dolphins. The addition of these dolphins and the trust which a serious organisation (such as the Marine Museum of Lithuania) has placed on us, constitutes an honour for all at Attica Park, as well as a big responsibility for their care, for as long as they must stay with us.

So lets welcome them with all the love and the greek hospitality which they deserve!