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Abandoned baby tiger

Thank you for your concern regarding the young white tiger cub that was found in a bad state under the trash bins, outside our zoo. The cub is kept in a secure area of the zoo that is not accessible to visitors in accordance with the relevant authorities. Our veterinarians alongside other specialists are continuing to perform a series of tests in order to better understand its health status. The cub is approximately 3 months old, in a poor body condition and in a critical state. Specifically, the young cub has not received proper care or diet, resulting in a variety of severe and potentially irreversible issues. Unfortunately it appears to be yet another victim of the illegal wildlife trade.   

Over the last years the illegal wildlife trade itself as well as it’s by products have increased dramatically. This particular illegal activity is ranked 4th worldwide after drug trafficking, human trafficking and fraud. 

The European Union is a key destination for illegal wildlife products and a crossroad for their movement to other regions.

Anyone who has any information about the origin of this animal is kindly requested to contact the authorities.