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Regarding reports that appeared recently in the press we would like to clarify the following:


In recent years a minority group claiming to herself the monopoly of zoophilia, with most known practices of arbitrary and unfounded arguments, the constant denigration of the Attica Zoological Park, denouncing issues related to urban planning violations, up to animal abuse, but without any effect since Attica Zoological Park has been justified in court in all cases.

Part of this efforts, are complaints made towards Environmental Inspectors, who, at the same time, in their report refer using the same phraseology with the opponents, regarding the existence and operation of Zoological Parks in general. Complaints related to the operation and licensing of the Park.


Firstly, it should be noted that in regards to the Zoo license, as indicated in the report during the visit of the inspectors, the license expiration date was18/3/2013. However, what is not mentioned, is the fact that the Attica Zoological Park has requested for its renewal, prior to its termination as requested by law. The license renewal which was under the procedures of the competent bodies and not by actions or omissions of the Park, was finally issued at 31/7/2017. For the transitional period, as the Park was informed by the official authorities, the license remained valid, thus operating legally and in accordance with the provisions of existing legislation.


Secondly, with regard to compliance with the environmental conditions of operation and environmental law, we should clarify once again that for the issue of so-called "Shows" Attica Zoological Park has been acquitted twice in court. Specifically, the law 4039/2012 quite rightly prohibits the use of animals in performances. But it does not prohibit the fulfillment of the role of modern Zoological Parks, which is  to raise awareness and educate their visitors through Educational Programs, in which guests are informed about the biology of each animal but also for the dangers they are facing in the nature, providing solutions on how they can protect them.


Attica Zoological Park is operating for more than 17 years, contributing to environmental awareness and the education of its visitors, and of course to the protection of endangered species, through the participation of more than 60 Endangered Species Programs. It is worth noting that the Attica Zoological Park follows and faithfully implements the international standards related to animal welfare and the animals living conditions, while for the quality of its activities, regarding the compliance to these standards, strict control is carried out by the accredited European Association of Zoos and Aquaria (EAZA).


In Attica Zoological Park our priority is the care and welfare of animals. For the people employed in this park, their presence here is not a conventional daily work. It Is a project, collectively built with much love and care for the animals. And it's really a pity, that all of us who love animals, cannot work together, each one with his own experience and expertise towards a common purpose. The protection and conservation of wildlife.