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Attica Zoological Park and the dolphins issue



A few months ago, sixteen citizens and a political party filed a restraining order against the Attica Zoological Park resulting in issuing of an order for temporary cancellation of shows for the dolphins that are hosted in the Attica Zoological Park, up until the case hearing.

We had noted since then that this temporary decision “has been a result of misinformation and inaccurate data, the disclosure of which will surely vindicate us during the case hearing”.

Indeed, by providing all real facts before Greek justice we were FULLY VINDICATED with the court decision that has CONCLUSIVELY REJECTED their appeal as inadmissible. This is a satisfying decision, regardless of those who fight against us and on the altar of publicity and promotion of personal interests sacrifice sincere efforts to raise citizen awareness on the need to protect biodiversity.

We fully respect everyone’s right to have their own beliefs; however, we have no choice but to oppose against any attack driven by ulterior motives, as we consider ourselves to be one of the most important factors of “environmental awareness” in this country (maybe this is what annoys them having lost their exclusivity), aiming through entertainment to raise people awareness on the rather important problems that fauna faces worldwide.

Dolphin educational presentations have now been resumed. The visitors can admire the beautiful animals from a close distance and learn much information on dolphin physiology, behaviour and the risks they face.

We are happy to announce that on August 8th, at 11 am, after many weeks of intensive surveillance and a year in waiting, our Park’s dolphin carers and vet witnessed an amazing event: the first birth of a dolphin in the Attica Zoological Park. The young dolphin is now one month old, completely healthy and enjoys playing with its mother and the other dolphins.

Over the years, at Attica Zoological Park we are trying to raise awareness of our young and adult friends through the educational and entertaining experience of getting to acquainted with some of the most beautiful and rare species on the planet. We are proud of our work which is the result of private initiative and volunteerism and we will continue without complaint, with candour and with the same enthusiasm.