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Attica Zoological Park on a "day-trip" at Myplayce!

Not only do children go on an excursion to Attica Zoological Park but also the animals of the Park can go on a day trip to meet them!


At Attica Zoological Park, combining entertainment and education is the key objective. In this light, Attica Zoological Park along with the Myplayce centers of play, creative activities and education (www.myplayce.gr) decided an "interactive collaboration".


On the one hand, on Thursday, March 29 at Psychiko and on Monday, April 2 in New Erithrea, Jean Jacques Lesouer visited Myplayce bringing with him some "friends". During this "unique" visit, children had the opportunity to get to know the parrot, the turtle, the ferret, etc. through this fantastic educational activity.


Furthermore, on Great Monday and Great Tuesday , from 11:00 to 13:00 hours educators from Myplayce centers for a series of Easter educational events that combine play and education.