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Attica Zoological Park takes you to the movies!!

Just text EAZA (space) FULL NAME (space) facebook at 54005 ( cost 1 euro + VAT). The first 170 win a double ticket for the avant premiere of the hilarious comedy "Zookeeper" which will be held on Monday July 25th, at 19:00 in movie theatres 4& 5 of VILLAGE AT THE MALL

Moreover, you get to help EAZA's campaign for the protection of apes in the wild, where all the sms profits go, while you enter the competition for a special prize: a 6-day safari trip to Uganda for 2, where you get the chance to admire gorillas and chimpanzees up-close and line an adventure at the gorilla reserve in Africa.

So, are you ready for cinema and maybe...a trip to Africa;

About the movie "Zookeeper"

Zookeeper Griffin Keyes (Kevin James) loves working at Franklin Park Zoological Park where daily caters for the wild animals that live in. However he soon realizes that by working there, he won't ever get the chance to win the heart of Stephanie, the girl of his dreams, so he decides to quit everything and work as a luxury cars - salesman. The zoo animals like Griffin and want him to stay, so they break their code of silence and reveal that they are possessed of human-level intelligence and speaking ability!