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A baby Gibbon was born at our Park

The most wonderful gift for the AZP and its visitors was given from the pair of Gibbons on Christmas day. A baby gibbon was born and its mother Kony has it constantly in her arms, feeding, protecting and keeping it warm, since its fur has not yet fully developed. On the other side Gildo is a very loving father and never leaves the mother or the baby from his site. He is close to them, being tender and caressing Kony all the time showing his protection and affection to his family, since the Gibbons mate for life and the female gives birth to a baby every 2-3 years.
According to the IUCN this species is endangered and only a 4% of their habitat is protected.
During your visit at the AZP remember to visit the Gibbons and admire with your own eyes this tender family which will surely “talk” to your heart!