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Capital Controls bite Attica Park

UPDATE: After receiving many of your calls and messages regarding the topic we have published, we would really want to thank you for your genuine interest.The issue we came across has nothing to do with any economic need ,since the problem that has occured is related with the capital control imposition, which prohibits our external transactions. Moreover, we want to mention that none of our animals face any nutrition problem since we have stocks two weeks. Thank you again for your interest.  

The attention of the public has been attracted by the revealing reportage of journalist Lefteris Karagiannopoulos on behalf of Reuters, who describes another aspect of the economic crisis. In Attica Zoological Park, some of our 2000 animals, are at risk of remaining without food, ever since capital controls were introduced 3 weeks ago, as foreign suppliers of some of our special diets ask now to be paid in advance. And these payments can only be done after approval from some special banking committee.
Today the banks have reopened, but capital controls remain. Nevertheless we are now more optimistic that we will get the relevant authorization to effect payments to our foreign suppliers, as it is vital for us to be able to ensure the well being of our animals, and of course their food!