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Celebrate World Animal Day!

Monday 4 October: World Animal Day
We celebrate the day by offering free entrance for all!

4th of October is for all animals at AZP a special day to celebrate and at the same time an ideal opportunity for people to raise awareness and sensitize themselves to the dangers animals all over the world face.

AZP celebrates the World Animal Day by offering free entrance for all!!! Visitors can also contribute, voluntarily, to the ΕΑΖΑ (European Association of Zoos and Aquaria) European carnivore campaign through a donation.

All schools that had prescheduled a visit at the AZP on that special day will receive for free a special edition published by AZP and Alkistis Chalikia’s book entitled “At the Zoo” for their class. In the book “At the Zoo”, also published under the sponsorship of AZP, important works of Art take shapes and narrate funny and strange stories to children in order for them to discover what real art means. It sharpens their powers of observation, their wits through humoristic narratives while their creativity is expressed through different and innovative activities.

The Attica Zoological Park is the only zoological park in Greece today, receiving tens of thousands of visitors of all ages every year, from all over Greece.

Striving to combine entertainment with education, the Attica Zoological Park, ten years after it first opened, now offers its visitors a unique journey to the five continents, through the lives of over 2.000 animals – ambassador of the need of preserving biodiversity-, from 400 species.

We invite you to celebrate with us the World Animal Day!!!!!