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Clear Labels Not Forests

The EU has adopted a law which will require the labelling of specific vegetable oils on food products. This means that palm oil – the unsustainable production of which is cited as a significant cause of deforestation and biodiversity loss – will no longer be a 'hidden' ingredient. The new EU regulation will support vital changes in the palm oil industry by encouraging companies to shift to sustainable sources of the ingredient and finally allow shoppers to make informed choices about what they buy.

This change follows the Clear Labels, Not Forests campaign launched in March by a coalition of conservation organisations including the Sumatran Orangutan Society (SOS), Elephant Family, Orangutan Foundation, Save the Rhino, the Jane Goodall Institute, the Ape Alliance and EAZA. EAZA's (member of which is Attica Zoological Park ) participation in the Clear Labels, Not Forests campaign was part of the EAZA Ape Campaign which ran throughout 2011.


For more info http://www.eaza.net/News/newsblog/Lists/Posts/Post.aspx?ID=114