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The co-operation of Attica Zoological Park with EAZA for the rescue of the Ground Hornbill


The mission for the rescue of the Ground Hornbill.
In cooperation with other zoos of EAZA, the Attica Zoological Park contributes to the rescue of the Ground Hornbill that lives in Burkina Faso, a country in west Africa.
The villagers of the region honor their ancestors, wearing traditional costumes made with the feathers from the Ground Hornbill. However, as time passes by these costumes get warned out and need new feathers, resulting to the near extinction of the Ground Hornbills in this region. A fact that encourages poaching.
The zoos’ initiative to collect feathers from the Ground Hornbills they host and to send them to the villagers helped with the reconstruction of the costumes, the discouraging of poaching and the rescue of the remaining birds. A new mission will take place in the following months.