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Delfi, our beloved bottlenose dolphin, is gone

Sudden sad news for the extended 'family' of the Attica Park.
Today our beloved Delfi, an Atlantic bottlenose dolphin, passed away at the advanced age of 37.
During the necropsy performed by specialist Veterinarians, and according to the first findings, the cause of death was heart failure, something which is not unusual for an animal of such an advanced age. Extensive organ and tissue samples were collected and were sent to the Aristotle University of Thessaloniki/ School of Veterinary Medicine, as well as to independent specialized laboratories abroad, for further investigation.
Delfi arrived in Greece last August from the Dolphinarium of Sarkanniemi in Finland, together with another three members of his family. During the last months of his life he had the opportunity to enjoy the open skies and the warm sunshine of Athens in his new living space in our Park.
It is worthwhile mentioning that, according to all the last scientific studies about most species, the average life span for wild animals is much longer when under human care, as in recognized Zoological Parks. More specifically, for such Dolphin species the average life span can vary from 17 to 25 years [according to various studies] due to the many natural and man-made threats which unfortunately, as is well known, all wildlife is facing on our planet.
Delfi will be missed by all of us at the Attica Zoological Park, as well as by all the friends of the Sarkanniemi Dolphinarium who loved him for so many years. Bon voyage dear loved one.