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On August 8, at 11 o'clock in the morning, and after weeks of intense observation and anticipation of a whole year, the  restless keepers together with our vet became witnesses of this fantastic  event of the first dolphin birth in our Park. Up until now its health is in good condition.  However, the first weeks are very crucial for our young dolphin as it applies to all newborn animals in nature. 

We will be monitoring on a 24h basis, the progress of the baby dolphin's health as well as its mother's  and we hope that all will go well.  We will be informing you along the way for its progress.  We expect your positive thinking. Due to this happy event, the dolphin area will remain closed until Friday 12/8 for the safety and wellbeing of mother and baby.

We hope soon, considering that all goes well, that we will be able to reopen the doors for you to admire the sweetest small creature in our Park.  However, our 2000+ animals, from more than 400 different species are waiting for you to remind you the miracle of creation.