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Find your wolf pack! 7/10

Let’s live like the wolves for one day!



This Sunday the 7th of October is a day dedicated to the human’s best friend, the wolf!


Inspired by Feelgood Entertainment’s new movie “Alpha”, we have organized a day full of interactive programs and fun games, through which you will have the chance to learn all about the wolves, their life and their needs!


Getting to know an animal is one of the most inspiring experiences one can live! So join us this SUNDAY THE 7TH OF OCTOBER and feel the magic of the wild life!




The wolf-programme:



12.30 - 15.30                       Arts&Crafts and face-painting in the pic-nic area next to the Bears


15.00                                   “Find your wolf pack” game in the pic-nic area next to the Bears


14.30                                    Wolf Educational Presentation