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Our family grew bigger with the arrival of two of the most imposing reptiles on the planet!
The giant Aldabra tortoises arrived at Attica Zoological Park!

They can be found in the Aldabra atoll, one of the Seychelles Islands in the Indian Ocean close to Africa. They are slow growing but can reach a giant size. Males grow to approximately 1.2m in length and weigh around 250kg, whereas females are a little smaller at 0.9m long and around 160kg.

Their average life can extend over 200 years but it is hard to know exactly how much, since they outlive humans! Our Park is hosting a pair (male and female), which, at the moment, weigh 180 and 100 kg respectively.

The exhibit is based on their natural habitat and consists of indoor and outdoor areas with ponds and trees, in a 400m2 landscaped enclosure, where visitors can admire these unique reptiles. The species is vulnerable due to the destruction of habitat, the illegal pet trade and the introduction of mammalian predators (rats and cats) and competitors (such as goats).