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The grand Lady of Attica Zoological Park passed away.

As you already know if you’re a visitor of our Park,she was always very friendly. Every time you would stand in front of her enclosure, she would welcome you with her unique call. She was a bird of prey which had a strong bond with her keepers and despite her dominant presence and aggressiveness of her species, she was very receptive to any care from the Bird Team members. Up until her last breath, we were all by her side in a losing battle against time.

Our majestic female Bald Eagle, symbol of freedom and emblem of the USA, will no longer welcome you when you passbythe last enclosure of the Birds of Prey section. She passed away on Tuesday 25/6, full of days at the advanced age of 33!
We will always remember her as a worthy representative of her species in the wild, who will remind us the majesty of Creation and our obligation to transfer it intact to the next generations.