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Hosting the Zoo, Exotic and Wildlife Anaesthesia Course, 6-12 Oct

Last week (6-12/10)Attica Zoological Park had the pleasure of hosting the Zoo, Exotic and Wildlife Anaesthesia Course, presented by Tsavran Pharmaceuticals.


Lead by world class veterinarians Dr Cobus Raath and Dr Aleksander Semjonov 10 participant veterinarians from around the world worked for 5 days on a variety of our animals.


All animals were given a full health check and examined by specialists. These included a cardiology exam on one of our chimps, foot trimming and dental exams on 3 of our zebras, full health exams on 3 of our scimitar oryxes, 1 ostrich, health exam of our Asian elephant, full vet check and ultrasound of our tiger, ophthalmology exam on our cheetah and full health check on our monitor lizard. We kindly thank drs Raath and Semjonov for their valuable time and input as well as Dr Noi Psaroudaki for organizing the workshop.