365 Days | From 9am till sunset

International Vulture Awareness Day, Saturday 7/9

"Vultures - Without them, Earth would get pretty stinky!"


Vultures are large birds of prey that usually feed on carrion or dead animals. Having strong stomach and good immune system they don't get sick from eating rotten meat.   Of the 23 species of vultures that exist, over half of them are Threatened as a result of human impact.  Greece is comprised of habitats important for vultures.  On Saturday we will meet them up close and learn more about them.      


12.00 & 2.30pm   Birds of Prey presentations dedicated to vultures (@the Birds of Prey amphitheater)

12.30 -15.30         Arts and crafts (@the Education Center)

14.30 -15.30         Free guided tour to the Park's vulture species (start @Birds of Prey amphitheater)