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A jackal returns home

A male jackal (Canis aureus) was set free yesterday at Mount Parnonas in Arcadia, Peloponnese, after being hospitalized for nearly a month, in a [non accessible to visitors] rehabilitation facility of Attica Zoological Park. The jackal was found in critical condition last November and was sent for treatment to the non governmental organization "ANIMA", The Association for the Protection and Welfare of Wildlife. In the Park it was treated by our veterinarian Dr. Posantzis who also took blood and saliva samples, as there is growing scientific interest regarding this endangered species. After our little friend healed, he was transfered back in Arcadia in a custom-made transport box and was set free during a warm-hearted public event organized in the area. We wish him the best of luck in his new adventures and we would like to congratulate ANIMA, as well as the local authorities, who had the initiative to invite students from the area in such an event