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An educational cooperation with STEM Education

A highly educational cooperation of Atticus Park with STEM Education Hellas

Among the main visions- target of Attica Zoological Park is the emergence and growth of the need for awareness of the valuable and rare wildlife. Purposes that fulfills the Park family concern both to the conservation, preservation and expansion of populations of endangered animal they take care , and the development of networks within which the educational dimension of experience as an outcome of someone’s visit is communicated. That is the reason we create educational programs, inviting students and teachers in an effort of experiential approach to the understanding and respect of nature, encouraging discovering experience for both young and old friends.
Just before the close of the summer the Educational Center of the Park welcomes the team of STEM Education Hellas and offers to the little explorers the opportunity to participate in one of the most imaginative, intelligent and fun workshops, inviting them to learn about nature in the most interactive way, surrounded by nature!
From 29/8/2015 and for 8 consecutive Saturdays our young guests will have the opportunity to participate in workshops with constructions LEGO Education WeDo in the Educational Center of Attica Zoological Park. The Attica Zoological Park and STEM Education Hellas inaugurate thereby their cooperation in educational activities with themes of nature and science.
These workshops are addressed to primary school children (6-12 years) and the number of participants per workshop is up to 20 children. The workshops endure 60 minutes and the cost will be 2,5 € per child (plus entrance fee to the park). The monitoring hours for all the workshops are set to 13:00 to 14:00. The last workshop will be held on Saturday 17/10.
You can contact the stem.edu.gr for reservations and any further information.
Tel: 210 6777285