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Mission Antarctica

The exhibition "Ice Station Antarctica" by the Museum of Natural History in London, which will be hosted atHellenic Cosmos from October 2012 to February 2013, is the best exhibition that was ever designed in Europe about the frozen continent of Antarctica.

The exhibition will be used as the very first collaboration between Hellenic Cosmos and Attica Zoological Park. The long lasting experience of Hellenic Cosmos in the creation of educational programmes along with the expertise of Attica Zoological Park in issues related with animals and nature will be used as the basis of a joint effort for raising awareness regarding the protection of the environment.

In this framework visitors of Attica Zoological Park will have a 10% discount in the exhibition at the Hellenic Cosmos and vice versa. Visitors who want to use this benefit shall be able to present the ticket from one venue to the counters of the other .

The exhibition was presented for the first time at the Natural History Museum of London, with 200,000 visitors, and then was hosted in Spain and Turkey. In all three countries the exhibition received over half a million visitors.

Antarctica is the coldest, most wild and remote place on Earth. It was discovered and recorded for the first time 190 years ago. The exhibition "Ice Station Antarctica", on an area of 700m2 tries to reveal the mysteries of this area through a great variety of sources. Through these and other experiences, visitors have –for once in their lifetime– the opportunity to feel how it is to survive in the most important natural workshop of mankind! Designed for families and schools, thanks to its innovative design and state-of-the-art technology gives you the chance to become an Antarctic expert and to work at humanity's greatest natural workshop.