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Reptile Awareness Day


Today Friday,  21st October we celebrate the  Reptile Awareness Day. 

Grasp the opportunity to better understand these misunderstood but for some others, magnificent creatures. 


Which reptiles do we come across in Greece? Are they poisonous? Are they threatening to humans? How can we protect them?


Visit our Park this weekend with your family and meet us at the “World of Reptiles”, where you can learn more about these animals.


1) Presentations at "World of Reptiles": 


12.45 General presentation
13.00 Komodo Dragon and Aldabra Giant Tortoise
14.45 General presentation
15.00 Komodo Dragon and Aldabra Giant Tortoise


2) 11.00-15.00 Art and Crafts at the "World of  Reptiles"  (we make masks of snakes and iguanas and we paint crocodiles)


3) 11.00-15.00 Watch the reptiles in formalin at the "World of Reptiles"


4) 11.00-16.00 Art, Crafts and Playmobil at the Training Center