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Photography Seminars at Attica Zoological Park

  Photography Seminars at Attica Zoological Park  


Full of opportunities for exciting photographic moments, the Attica Zoological Park is the ideal place for lovers of photography and wildlife. In #AtticaWildshots seminars, everyone has the opportunity to see the park from another perspective, through the lens of their camera, with the guidance of the experienced photographers and teachers of the School of Photographic Studies Orama (www.oramastudies.gr).  


Learn how to use your camera, see the animals of the Park and observe the reactions of visitors and capture the moment in a complete composition. The technique of the camera, the light, the frame, the decisive moment and the contact with the animal world in such magical surroundings, provide the tools to create unique icons of which you will be proud. Furthermore, you will have the privilege to take pictures of an animal feeding from the Park\'s carers and capture with your camera unique portraits from unusual angles, which are rare for the public to see.  


What will you learn in this tutorial:  

• The differences between your camera programs

• Shutter speeds freeze motion or capture

• Depth of field

• Using lenses

• Framing

• Composition

• How you could improve your photography  


To workshop lasts four hours, from 15:30 to 19:30  



Choose one of the following dates:


Saturday May 

Saturday May 26

Saturday June 23

Saturday July 21 



• 15:30 - 16:30 Theory for camera functions and composition of the photo frame 

• 16:30 - 19:10 Photography in selected areas of the Park. Guidance, advice and commentary on the images to each participant individually.

• 19:10 - 19:30 Feeding the animals - a unique photographic experience!  


The workshop is for everyone over 16 who owns any camera (excluding mobile phones). The camera  should be carried with a fully charged battery and empty memory card, or several films. The seminars will take plsce in small groups and each participant will have the personalized attention of the rapporteur for maximum assimilation of the curriculum. Upon completion of the seminar a certificate of attendance will be given.  


The rapporteur  

The workshop is conducted by the team of the School of Photographic Studies VISION, a team of accredited photographers, with a significant background, which represent the modern way in arts and photography, thus offering to all participants, the stimuli nessessary for the photo to have a personal meaning.



Cost: 40 euros / person / seminar (incl. VAT)  

Includes: tracking the seminar, participation certificate  

Non included: Your entrance ticket to the Park, 18 euro / person



Share your shots:  


Upload your best seminar photos on Instagram with the hashtag #AtticaWildShots or send them to our Facebook page.


Usual questions


How can I participate? 

Register direct involvement with emails in orama@oramastudies.gr by sending your name, your contact details and the date for which you are interested to participate. After that you will be sent a bank account to deposit the seminar cost (40 euros). Alternatively call at 210-7701709 daily, 17:00-22:00. Your participation will be valid as soon as you deposit the cost of the seminar. BEWARE:  Bank expenses are your responsibility. The ticket for your entracne to the Zoo will be paid upon your arrival in the entrance of the Park.


What happens in case of cancellation? 


Only if canceled up to 5 days before the date of the seminar, refundable entire subion amount will be given. Otherwise you can use your participation in any of the following courses, if there are still places available. Please contact us promptly by e-mail at orama@oramastudies.gr for your convenience.


How many people can participate in the seminar? 

Each photo seminar should be consisted of at least 5 people and up to 12 people maximum. Priority seats will be respected.



I have an annual card, do I receive a discount? 

If you are an annual card holder, your entrance to the zoo is free.


If I want to come with my friends or my family, I get a discount? 

There is no discount for the family or the friend of the participating person.


Who can participate? 

Everyone, from 16 years and older. Younger children should be accompanied by an adult.


You need prior experience or specific knowledge to participate in the seminar? 

Prior experience is not necessary. The seminar concerns beginners and you will learn all the necessary things you should know about your camera and composition to learn how to best edit your captions.


What kind of camera and equipment do I need? 

We recommend a camera with manual settings, with a fully charged battery and empty memory card, or several films. All cameras (except mobile phones) are acceptable.


What is included in the price? 

Participation in the course and the participation certificate.



What should I wear? 

Comfortable walking shoes, light clothing, a hat and sunscreen. What is the duration of the workshop? The workshop lasts four hours, from 14:30 to 18:30. Our meeting point will be the site of the picnic next to the playground, to the right after you enter the park.


I can offer the seminar as a gift to someone else? 

Of course! The registration process remains the same, but you should only give us the name of the participant for the valid registration in the seminar.  


Have more questions?

For more information please contact us at orama@oramastudies.gr or call us at 210-7701709 daily 17:00 – 22:00