365 Days | From 9am till sunset


Climate Advocates organized an innovative educational programme in 10 schools in Athens which aimed to encourage students to reduce their school’s energy consumption by 10% in 10 weeks!

The grading was based on the success of the Green Teams that were created in each school that attended the workshops and the track energy savings through smart meters installed in every school, allowing students to control energy consumption in their schools by using a user-friendly web platform.

All schools that took part in the project successfully completed the workshops but also had energy savings of at least 28% so all are winners!

The 152nd Primary School together with the 7th Gymnasium Peristeriou jointly won the first place in the project, while the 70th Primary School of Athens won second place. The Climate Advocates presented the ten teams with certificates for their active participation.

20 students from the two winning schools will have the chance to visit Attica Zoological Park and be informed about its efforts for the protection of biodiversity as well as for the “Ape Campaign” an international campaign for the conservation of apes that aims to raise €1 million to establish an Ape Conservation Fund. At the same times winners will have the opportunity to see some of the 2000 animals in the park and discuss with the keepers.

We hope other schools follow the example of the ten participating schools and continue to raise awareness of the important issue of climate change.