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Release of wading birds in the Mesologi - Aitoliko National Park Lagoon (Press release of the Body Management Mesologi Lagoon)

Successfully released, on 15.11.2016, three  species of wading birds, in the Messolonghi - Aitoliko National Park Lagoon namely within the area of ​​Alykes Aspri Mesolongiou, one of the most important stations of rest and food for several birds.

Two Flamingos ( Phoenicopterus ruber ), one spoonbill ( Platalea leukorodia ) and one Dalmatian Pelican (Pelecanus crispus), after a long time care and hospitality in ANIMA - Association for Protection and Care Wildlife (Responsible Mrs. Ganoti) and at the Attica Zoological Park,  were released in exellent condition in their natural environment under the supervision of the Messolonghi Lagoon Management Agency executives (Mr. Kasvikis, Mr. Palaio, Mr. Karanikas).The Dalmatian that was released had shown symptoms of poisoning and was found two months ago from a local fisherman in Lake Lysimachia.

We thank Mr. Rallis (co-owner of Attica Zoological Park) which together with the specialized staff  (Mrs. Kazazou, Mrs. Tsanti) & member of ANIMA Mr. Xiros, contributed all that was possible to achieve a smooth release of these rare bird species in our protected areas. 

Watch highlights from the release by clicking here