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Workshop for the future of the Balkan vultures

Workshop on the future of the Balkan vultures took place in Messolongi on the weekend of 7-9 December 2018, attended by distinguished scientists from the Balkan countries.



Anna Kazazou, responsible for the Attica Zoological Park birds group and member of the ANIMA Scientific Committee, participated in the Inter-Balkan Meeting on the Future of the  Vultures.
An International Workshop was held with great success in the Messolonghi from 7th to 9th December 2018, where distinguished scientists from Balkan countries who have long been involved in the study, research, management and protection of the various types of wilderness have been invited and participated. extremely valuable and necessary scientific experience on the subject that:
First, to present the status of these species in their countries and thus to exchange the most recent scientific data to have a valuation for the entire Balkans.
Second, to educate and inform about practices and actions that have been successfully implemented for a long time to address the serious problems that these ecologically important species are facing, and
Thirdly, to discuss how all stakeholders can work together through a network to promote more systematically and more effectively the conservation of these directly threatened species for which the Mesolongi - Akarnanikon area is one of the 7 most critical areas of their survival in the whole the Balkan peninsula.

The event was crowned with complete success, and on the third day, two vines were released in Arakinthos, which were found a year ago lightly poisoned in the wider area, treated and initially hosted in ANIMA care center and later in a special reintegration cage supervised by its keeper FD / LM-AO. Old Nick. The release was attended by the participating scientists as well as excursionists of the ANIMA Wildlife Care Organization. A satellite monitoring transmitter was also installed in a vulture, as was the case with "Alexis", the other vulture released here and this year again in the Yemen region.