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Welcome Eftichia!

Little Eftichia was born on Thursday morning and for 2 hours approximately struggled to stand up to her feet. Nobody believed that she could make it.

However Eftichia, full of life, stood up and gained her powers. Now, beautiful Eftichia lives with her mother at the South America animal section of the Park.

Guanacos live at the foot of the Andes up to 4.000m and feed with various grasses, shrubs and vegetable matter. A typical family group consists of 1 male with 4 to 7 females. Young males live in bachelor groups.

After a gestation period of 11 months, the female will give birth to one, rarely two, calves.

When disturbed or angry it will spit towards the intruder an amalgam of semi – digested food and saliva.

Wild guanacos were domesticated 7.000 years ago. They are called llamas and are raised by Andean people for their meat, wool and skin and are also used as pack animals.

Still common in its range but threatened.