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When the actions of the many result in a happy end


Five weeks ago in a pet shop in Menidi, a crab eating macaque monkey was found tied up with a chain in a miserable little cage, another sad example of the foul behavior of some of our fellow humans towards animals. Within a very short time and due to the dynamic intervention of ANIMA, Arcturos and other government agencies, an effort to rescue this unfortunate animal began. After the unanimous and prompt consent of all relevant agencies involved, the macaque was seized and sent under the command of the Parnitha Forest Service to Attica Zoological Park, where we received him on Thursday afternoon. After sedating him, we cut the chain around his neck, took blood for all necessary tests and also tested him for tuberculosis. Fortunately, the results were all good, so he is healthy and ready to start a new and better life.
The macaque will stay with us until we secure his transportation to the Netherlands, at a special center that hosts stray monkeys.

Our contribution to this whole affair is small. It is easy for us to host among the 2,000 animals of our park one more, one which has a real need of our support and love. But what is important and must be stressed is the sensitivity of all those who contributed to this effective effort: the Parnitha Forest Service, the Department of International Conventions (CITES), the Rural Veterinary Clinic of Acharnon and Ms. Natasha Komninou of the Scientific Committee for Trading Species of Flora and Wildlife.

May this be another reason for the elimination of unacceptable habits and deeds, such as the open animal market at Schisto and the trapping of wild birds and their subsequent trade through pet shops, among many others.
The pictures speak for themselves. All we know about this sweet animal is that someone left it chained at a pet shop, saying that his father who had him for 10 years (maybe chained throughout?) died and he could not keep it anymore. This animal got a lucky break...!