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World Cheetah Day


Cheetahs are the fastest cats in the world, reaching 110 km in 3 seconds. Of course their long tail acts as a rudder to help them turn easily and with balance and their permanently exposed nails enhance stability and speed!

But in nature cheetahs are threatened. What can you do to help?

1. Write #Savethecheetah on Facebook, Instagram and any other online social platform you use, to update your friends about the importance of the cheetah in the savanna.
2. Visit the "Cheetah Conservation Fund" on www.cheetah.org and check out what you can do to contribute to the cheetah conservation projects in Africa.
3. Visit our Park with your family to get a closer look at our Cheetah family and join in the activities of the day! The Park's artist Eleni Papadakis, will be at the Educational Centre from 11am until 4pm to introduce us to the world of animal arts and crafts! Participation in the activities is free*.


*Included with the purchase of the entrance ticket.