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Υro in memory of ..Yro

On September 25th 2011 our little friend Yro passed away after a three year long fight with cancer.


7 years old Yro was an everyday visitor of the Park and especially of our dolphins. She was staying till late many times and was playing with them under the supervision of the keepers.


Her love of dolphins was so profound that during her kindergarten end of year ceremony she was dressed as one and spoke to her friends about the dangers dolphins face by littering the sea.


Her final request was to walk through the park and visit the dolphins with the last bit of strength she had left as she had developed a close relationship with them and especially the new born one. And this is what she did one day before she peacefully passed away.


The news of her loss was devastating for the entire family of Attica Zoological Park who loved Yro as one of their members. The decision was unanimous. The new born dolphin will be named Yro in memory of our little friend who will always be close to our hearts.


This story is published under the permission of Yro`s family