365 Days | From 9am till sunset

Attica Zoological Park is the ultimate venue, for both kids and adults, for a unique party!


In the area of ZooCafe, ​​the new restaurant overlooking the African Savannah, children will get to know the animals, through playing or participating in any of the educational programs which the Park has to offer, while parents can enjoy their coffee if not be drawn too to follow their kids trhough this unique experience.


The Attica Zoological Park for years has been offering an educational yet entertaining introduction to some of the most beautiful and rare species that inhabit the planet.


Your child's party - or a baptism reception - will turn into an unforgettable experience. And if you also book one of the many educational programs organized there, you will be impressed with the knowledge that your children will gain through playing and most probably will be jealous of their contacts with lemurs, and the many and different animal feedings that will take place.




For information, please contact by phone at 210 6025202, weekdays between 9am-5pm.


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