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Fulvous Whistling-duck

Fulvous Whistling-duck

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Scientific Name:

Dendrocygna bicolor


Sub-Saharan Africa S to South Africa, Madagascar, Indian Subcontinent, S USA to N & E South America S as far as N Argentina.


Mostly herbivore. Rice and other seeds, fruits, grasses, bulbs, rushes, rarely small aquatic insects.


Habitat:  Variety of freshwater or brackish wetlands.

Incubation: 24-29 days / 6-16 eggs

Social structure: Flocks of hundreds or thousands, breeding period pairs or loose groups.

Weight: 1kg

Dimensions: 45-53cm

Lifespan: 6.5 years

Estimated population in the wild: 1,300,000-1,500,000

Threats: Hunting, pesticides on rice crops, lead poisoning, collision with power lines.


IUCN Status: Least concern

Did you know that:

  1. Fulvous whistling ducks get their name from their call, which is a very loud, high pitched whistle.
  2. They are frequent nest parasites, laying eggs in other Fulvous Whistling-Duck nests, or other duck species.
  3. Nest building, incubation and tending of hatchlings is done by both sexes. 

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