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Attica Zoo Park News

"Priority Lane"

A unique privilege for Annual Card Members and Disabled

A new member was added to the Park's family!

The world's biggest rodent!

Big success for the EEP programs of the Park!

Atu, the hippo at "Zoo Duisburg" in Germany!

Attica Zoological Park acts with Goodys!

From Jan.21st - Feb.24th, buy a "Junior meal" and get a free entry coupon for Attica Zoological Park!

New arrival at the Attica Zoological Park!

We welcome a small, male, Somali wild ass!

Goodbye Magda...

Τhe queen of the Park,Magda,a beautiful white lioness passed away

Dolphins are here!

For the first time in Greece!

7 new reasons why you should visit our Zoo!

A pleasant surprise at Attica Zoological Park's Dolphinarium...

Congratulations Barbel!

A new member in our family!

Celebrate World Animal Day!

Free Entrance for everyone!

"At the Zoo with the animals" Out Now!

A special book for children

Bob Squarepants at Attica Zoological Park!

Nickelodeon at Attica Zoological Park!

New arrival at Attica Zoological Park!

2 male white rhinos are the new additions to the Attika Zoological Park’s great family.

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